There's no point crying over spilt milk


There's no point crying over spilt milk is a new piece of contemporary performance by Aby Watson. Juxtaposing unbridled childish glee with adulthood’s harsh realities, this bold work is a dynamic investigation by Aby Watson with Alexander Horowitz into the ephemeral nature of life, growing up, and the bittersweet fallibility of memory.  In this funny, yet tender, performance, the duo takes movement practice and musical tradition back to basics- eagerly attempting to re-embody the past- as they question whether we are ever really ready to let go.

There's no point crying over spilt milk was first performed at Arches Live 2014 and was followed by a four evening sell-out run at The Tron Theatre in Oct 2015.



"Bit by bit – sometimes with an all-out daft energy, sometimes with an almost meditative tranquillity – this performance gathers an intensity that is touchingly elegiac... These sequences are so accomplished, so entertaining, that it comes as quite a jolt when... the little tune becomes an echo of a vanished childhood, the gradual absence of words and action no longer playful but akin to a loss of anchoring memories...The layers of music, movement, humour and insight are woven together even more effectively than when the piece had a try-out at the Arches last year"

**** Mary Brennan, The Herald

Watson builds an entire life, from childhood innocence to adult loss... It’s funny, poignant and smart, with Watson a mesmeric stage presence.”

David Hepburn, Milngavie and Bearsden Herald

Concept by Aby Watson.
Created and performed by Aby Watson and Alexander Horowitz.
With direction from Emma Nutland and Peter Lannon.
Made with support of a National Theatre of Scotland and McGlashan Trust Artist Residency and The Arches.

Footage filmed by Duncan Sanders.
All photography by Julia Bauer.