FOR OVER FOUR YEARS, ABY HAS BEEN an artist-in residence IN BRIDGETON for The Bus Stop Project, RAN BY Dance House Glasgow.

Aby has been working alongside performance and movement practitioner David Banks and Bridgeton’s young people to create new pieces of artworks in the community. The group is made of a wide range of ages, from 6-14. the project has proved so popular that one weekly class grew to three:

- a creative class for 7-11 year olds to explore performance and visual art
- a physical parkour class for all ages to learn to move creatively and efficiently
- a film making or 'youtube' class for 11+, where they developed their own youtube channel, video media and creative film!

with each of these classes, a real mix of work has been created. you can see a small selection of our many projects below. over the years, many other artists have visited us to lead specialist workshops in their field and we have worked with scott houston (traceur and parkour instructor), design by zag (illustrators), cat hepburn (poet), beth shapeero (visual artist), jassy earl (film maker and photographer), alongside many more!

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