is the work of Aby Watson and Katy Dye, who together aim to provide the public with performance that seeks to comfort, disturb, distort, confirm, unify and fragment. They create performance for cabaret venues, public spaces, civic institutions and intimate places that endeavours to uplift/distort/disturb and provoke. Katy and Aby are a pair of performance makers working together to form duets that cross the genres of live art, choreography and theatre. They are both social artists who believe that performance can be a way to inform and discuss issues with the public in un-sanitised, un-censored, and inappropriate ways.

Their first work, Technophile, has been performed at scratch nights at The Tron and Summerhall. Following that, Technophile went into development with support from a National Theatre of Scotland Starter for 10 Award. Read more about their residency here. Aby and Katy are continuing with the development of this work-in-progress.


We take them to bed and sleep beside them night by night.
We wake up and check what our loved ones have to say.
We coo and cuddle them on our sofas, dine with them and listen to them intently.
We refer to them for financial and emotional support and they reassure us.
We masturbate over them, we pose, pout and fawn over them and
we pour our hearts out into them, searching for a match made in heaven...


Technophile is a new performance by Public Service Announcement with video design by Tim Reid. This new piece of contemporary performance explores the intimacy we hold with our personal machines: and the fact that we don’t know who knows what. We want to find out what happens to what we put out there in an age of digital surveillance. With our intimate, private and personal details becoming personal data, who are we really getting intimate with behind our screens? We are interested in finding out what happens when our personalities become commodities to be bought and sold, and when a human being becomes data. 

Tron photography by Mihaela Bodlovic
NTS photography by Beth Chalmers