I will not make a mess of this
I will not make a mess of this
I will not fuck this up
I will not make a mess of this


From the exam results of our youth to the decisions of our adulthood, we are conditioned to think that failure is not an option. Dust yourself off and try again examines our everyday failures in order to understand how the consequences of our actions shape our lives.

This performance was originally created for Into the New Festival 2014 at The Arches, Glasgow, with support from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Versions of this performance have also been shown in York, London and New Zealand.


“Irresistible fun”
“Her skill in seeming lackadaisical when in fact she has an impressive command of structure was matched by a canny instinct for what needs to be revealed to an audience to make her particular journey feel relevant to their own experiences”

**** Herald Scotland.
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“She is expanding the possibilities of stand-up comedy and staking a claim for a female version of humour… She is fighting the conventions of theatre
to find a way to tell her own story.”

Gareth Vile, The Skinny.
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Image by Julia Bauer

Image by Julia Bauer