"ma wean could do that!" 

It’s in the galleries.
It’s hung up on white walls, placed on plinths and sits behind red rope.
So many paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos and installations in one building next to signs that say Don’t touch the artwork.

We hear it all the time, grown-ups angrily staring at modern art and exclaiming that 'My kid could've done that!'. This time we decided to test it, to prove them right and to celebrate children’s ability to make amazing pieces of modern art.

During October week 2014, artists Aby Watson and David Banks collaborated with Connect2 Bridgeton out of school care service to create a Modern Art gallery made entirely by children. The 4-11 year old participants created a selection of new work in response and inspired by seminal modern artists. Through an exciting process drama, the children were in role as a new art collective, naming themselves the 'Bunch of Baboons Connective'.

The group explored a unique selection of artists, photographer Cindy Sherman, sculptor Louise Bourgoise, painter Jackson Pollock, collage artist Richard Hamilton, and photographer Gillian Wearing. The pieces were created through the chaos of childhood nature and responded to the original work’s methods and intentions of meaning. The work created during the project was installed and exhibited at Wasps Studios, Dennistoun. The young people then came to see their exhibited work and also received a tour of the studios to see other artists in action.