Photo by Jassy Earl Photography (

Photo by Jassy Earl Photography (



rising / falling
silent / loud
able / unable
mind / body
steady / wobbly
order / chaos

-ish is a solo choreography of movement, text and object exploring the murky territory that dyspraxia, an invisible coordination disorder, inhabits between the simple dichotomy of able / disabled.

This compelling, playful and honest new work is choreographed and danced by a dyspraxic, dyslexic artist, alongside a group of objects: numerous helium balloons and a space hopper. This performance takes the form of a series of vignettes, each of which investigates, depicts and considers the space in-between various binary dichotomies. Through energetic dance, rousing jazz music and uncontrollable objects, -ish is a dyspraxic performance of real effort (and momentary chaos) which forms an unapologetic exploration of inbetween-ness that flourishes with and thrives on dys-function.

-ish was made with support from an Unlimited Emerging Artists commission, a Janice Parker and Saltire Society Dance Artist Bursary, //BUZZCUT// and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

It has been performed at The Southbank Centre (London), Tramway (Glasgow), The Centre for Contemporary Art (Glasgow) and Stanley Halls (London). The full show can be available with fully integrated British Sign Language.


-ish is currently available for booking and touring. if your venue or festival is interested, please get in touch with the project’s producer dAISY DOUGLAS ON full video documentation and tech spec available.


MAY 1ST & 2ND 2019 / SOPHIENSAELE, BERLIN / FOR MORE INFO AND TICKETS CLICK HERE. / post show discussion on may 1st.
ACCESS: THIS PERFORMANCE IS AUDIO DESCRIBED, sign language interpreted and integrated, and is a relaxed performance.


Watson’s choreographic piece ‘ish’ draws you in with a loving sense of intimacy It’s great to watch, suggesting both the hidden pressure that builds up over having a ‘murky’ disability and the inevitable chaos that can create… a real high.
ames zatka-haas, disability arts online

As she bounces, going hands- free at one stage, the effect is mesmerising. ‘-ish’ may exist in the places in-between, as evinced by a ‘D- list’ of words which are mostly negative in connotation, but her presence is anything but.
lorna irvine, the list

More balloons, a space-hopper, subsequent flurries of physically intense bouncing and rolling that dice with control suggest how random and chaotic the connections between Watson’s brain and body can be… It’s playfully done
mary brennan, the herald

above: -ish at ‘drunken chorus: a bit of a do’ festival at stanley halls, south london. all photos by phoebe fox